Matching Applicants
to Jobs.

A successful hire will depend on the matching of an individual’s natural abilities to the requirements of the position, otherwise known as ‘job match’

Job match is one of the most reliable factors to consider when making a hiring decision.

MyProfile helps you identify these behavioural styles and talent matches that the profile of the job will do that job the best.

Creating Harmony in the Workplace.

People who are well suited to their job are more productive, happier and less stressed than those whose personal style is not a good match to the job.

They work in harmony with others and see every day as a rewarding challenge.

By using Myprofile’s behavioural assessments you can reduce stress and improve productivity and reduce risk of a bad hire.

Minimising Hiring Mistakes.

It’s a well-known fact that people get hired on skills and qualifications but get fired on behaviour.

MyProfile helps you avoid putting a square peg in a round hole.

What Does Myprofile Measure?

A person’s ability to perform tasks reflects their knowledge, skills and experience.

Their willingness, desire and suitability to perform those tasks reflect their behavioural preferences.

The reports provide suggestions for suitability of the candidate to the job.

How Do You Get Started With the Best Price Option?

You have two choices.

The first is to purchase a MyProfile assessments report from our website or talk to us about an Unlimited License Plan which gives you unlimited use of as many assessments as you need for a monthly subscription fee.

MyProfile will help you to:

Avoid costly hiring mistakes

Matches the best candidate for each particular job

Employ people with the Right Attitude

Reduce Conflict and Workplace Stress

Ensure Candidates have the Right Attitude and Ability to succeed in the job

Understand what Motivates your Employees

Improve Team Performance

Maximize your Employees’ Strengths and Talents

MyProfile Reports Feature:

A short and concise Behavioural Profile of the Candidate

Style Graphs indicating intensity of each Behavioural Dimension preferred Working Conditions for This person

How to Communicate effectively for Maximum Performance

Key Behavioural Traits

The Candidate’s value to the Organization

How effective the Candidate will be on the job

Career choices that best suit this person’s Behavioural Style, Management Style and Strengths

Work Style Review

To discuss opportunities in any of these areas, please get in touch with one of our consultants.