MyProfile Making
Happy Careers.

Ever struggled to answer an interview question about yourself?

Find it difficult to articulate what is you bring to a new role when asked?

Not sure how to describe yourself to future employers?

Rest easy, you’re not alone!

Thousands of candidates just like you find it challenging to identify and articulate what makes them different and what they may offer to a new employer.

International research shows that over 90% of job opportunities are lost at CV review and interview stage.

MyProfile Can Help

MyProfile is a best-in-class report that offers candidates and employers an insight into your hidden talents.

MyProfile helps you understand and articulate the drivers and behavioural traits that you bring to the workplace.

It identifies some of the key leadership factors that make you different and special, whilst helping you identify like your communication style, team interaction abilities, key strengthens you offer an employer and even suggests possible training and development opportunities for you.

Make The Right Career Choice

Why do some people just love their job and others can’t wait to quit?

Because every job requires a specific behavioural style for it to be done successfully.

The closer your style matches that required for the job, the better you perform and the less stressed you are.

MyProfile does just that – its helps you choose the careers that are right for you, identify the career that best suit your working style, improves your communications skills and highlight ways that you can be more successful at work.

Improve Your CV

Using MyProfile to identify your key abilities and leadership traits provides your CV with that extra punch needed to make your CV stand out from the crowd.

MyProfile offers you direct and concise points that employers and HR hiring managers understand, ensuring your CV reflects your abilities, leadership styles and best fit characteristics for the job you have applied for.

All which puts you one step ahead in the selection process.

Increased Hiring Prospects

By using MyProfile to understand what you bring to your next job and to incorporate this into your CV, positions you ahead in the stakes for the perfect job.

Armed with knowledge, you will be able to easily explain to employers why they should be hiring you and what you offer to their organisations.

Both keys to ensuring the Rightfit and increasing your hiring prospects in today competitive job market.

Discover Who You Are

The way we behave and how we manage relationships is based on our personal style.

MyProfile helps you discover who you are, what your strengths are and how you prefer to communicate, learn and work.

What you find out about yourself will help you choose a career that suits your style.

MyProfile will help you to:

Avoid costly Career Mistakes

Identify the Concise Benefits and Leadership Skills you offer

Target the Right Job with Rightfit

Reduce workplace stress by having the Right job

Identify your Hidden Skills and Abilities to succeed in the job

Understand what motivates you and how to articulate this

Increase your Hiring Prospects

Maximize your Strengths and Talents by better understanding yourself

MyProfile Reports Feature:

A short and concise Behavioural Profile of your Abilities and Skills

Style Graphs indicating intensity of each Behavioural Dimension and Style you bring to the workplace

Highlights your Communication Style for Maximum Performance

Key Behavioural Traits that you offer to an Employer

Identifies your Hidden Values to the Organization

Helps determine the best type of Roles and Jobs for you

Career choices that best suit your Behavioural Style, Management Style and Strengths

Articulates your Working Style and Benefits to an Employer

To discuss opportunities in any of these areas, please get in touch with one of our consultants.