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Every job requires a specific behavioural style for it to be done successfully.

In addition, validating candidate skills and linking this to their future training and development is critical to selecting, retaining and developing the right person for your business.

Best of all MyProfile Assessments are economical, reliable and highly accurate.

MyProfile for Candidates

People who are well suited to their job are more productive, happier and less stressed than those whose personal style is not a good match to the job.

They work in harmony with others and see every day as a rewarding challenge.

By using MyProfile’s Behavioural Assessments you can reduce stress and improve productivity and reduce risk of a bad hire.

MyProfile for Employers

Myprofile helps you find the right person, with the right attitude.

Myprofile is one of the fastest, most cost effective and easiest ways to help identify the best candidate for the job, helping you identify these behavioural styles and talent matches that best suit the job.

Coupled with Rightfit’s comprehensive range of Skill Check Assessments, Skill Check is an easy-to-use, effective way to ensure you are selecting the right person the right job.

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