Passionate in Excellence.

At Rightfit, we believe that exceptional service starts with passion and in finding internal satisfaction in making others feel special.

Our commitment to ethical hiring, professional standards and quality is what sets us apart.

With more than two decades of hands on experience in hospitality, customer relations and hotel management, the team at Rightfit know exactly what it takes to identify, develop and assemble to best people to achieve service excellence.


Rich in Experience.

From experience, we understand that the success of a business is driven by the strategies adapted and the quality of employees selected to drive them.

It’s why Rightfit operates a unique personalised training program that ensures every individual that we represent undertakes the Rightfit training and behavioural assessments to ready them for international deployment.

Our pool of prequalified and background checked talent is personally trained in international customer experience and hospitality behavioural science as a prerequisite by Rightfit.

Our Commitment.

Our commitment to excellence stands as an industry first.

With a presence in Nairobi and Dubai, whilst supported by our global footprint, it’s our guarantee that your future leaders are equipped to exceed every expectation.

Across our international markets, Rightfit has a reputation for ensuring first class talent and an impeccable track record in job placement, candidate management, bespoke training and educational services and hospitality staffing.

To discuss opportunities in any of these areas, please get in touch with one of our consultants.