Ethical Hiring, Fairness and Above All, Integrity.

Ethical hiring, fairness and above all, integrity. Three things that make up our promise to you. A promise that Rightfit will not charge you unnecessary fees for your interviews.

Nor will Rightfit charge you for a successful job placement, other than for services required for international visas such as medical.

It’s not how we do business.

With best-in-class Training and MyProfile, Rightfit will ensure you are job interview ready and able to maximise the career opportunities we offer.

After registering and becoming a Rightfit Prequalified Candidate, our highly experienced team will led you to success, every step of the way.

Become a Rightfit Prequalified Candidate now!

Step 1. Become a Rightfit Prequalified Candidate

Apply online in two simple steps.

Attach your resume including a recent photograph and your qualifications, then upload to our Perform Zone Global Database.

Step 2. Know Your Profile

Once registered, you will be invited to undertake MyProfile report.

As a world leading recruiting tool, MyProfile helps you and future employers understand your untapped leadership potential and workplace behavioural style, ensuring the Rightfit.

The cost of a MyProfile report is KSh2500 and the report is yours to use again and again.

For more information:

Step 3. Prefect With Training

Rightfit works exclusively with our Prequalified Candidates and prefects their abilities with training.

To become a Rightfit Prequalified Candidate, you will be invited to undertake one of our international first-class programs.

Rightfit offers a range of training programs that are available from less than KSh25,000 and are proven to maximise your placement opportunities.

Step 4. Rightfit

Having become a Rightfit prequalified candidate in our global database, your personally assigned consultant will work with you and our internationally recognised clients to help you secure the Rightfit inside the Right Employer.

To discuss opportunities in any of these areas, please get in touch with one of our consultants.